Queen Anne's County Housing Authority

A Message from our Executive Director

Jeremy White

Thank you for visiting the Housing Authority of Queen Anne's County (HAQAC) website. As the HAQAC Executive Director, it is very important to me to provide qualified families with safe, decent and affordable housing of the highest quality consistent with available funding. The uncertain economic times we are experiencing have made the way the mission is carried out more critical than ever. We have to ensure that in our administrative spending to maximize the funding available to improve the properties we own, explore new development opportunities in a wider range of neighborhoods and expand our partnerships with others who share our vision. I expect nothing less than excellence from HAQAC staff, and responsibility from our residents and clients.

The structure of HAQAC is changing in response to both Federal mandates and today's economic realities. As the Executive Director of HAQAC, I believe we should all be unwilling to settle for anything short of excellence. Tough economic times call for tough decisions, and this agency must step up to the challenge because so many people depend on HAQAC's services.

We are reducing administrative costs to focus on maximizing funding for program delivery. HAQAC must first work smart, and then work hard.

This website provides you with an introduction to the properties that HAQAC owns and administers, the other housing programs that we provide, and our plans for the development of more affordable housing opportunities. Our goal is to reduce the concentration of poverty in some areas of the city per HUD regulations, and to provide a wider variety of housing options for low-income families. With a 24-year history of developing and administering affordable housing programs, HAQAC is nationally recognized as a leader and innovator. HAQAC is proud to be rated by HUD as a “High Performing” agency. Through our programs and services, HAQAC helps residents obtain financial stability, prepare for homeownership, and break free from government assistance. Through this website, we invite you to learn more about what the housing authority has to offer. If we can improve our website in any way, please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts. Please contact us at (410) 758-8634, if you have questions or comments. Thank you for visiting.

Thank You,
Jeremy R. White
Executive Director

Equal Housing Opportunity