Queen Anne's County Housing Authority

Housing Application

This is the portal to the Housing Authority of Queen Anne's County application to apply for our senior complexes: Foxxtown, Grasonville Terrace and Terrapin Grove, our family rental units: Fisher Manor and Riverside as well as our various programs, including Section 8.

The waitlist check link allows you to check your position for any rental unit(s)/programs for which you have applied.

If you have any questions, please call us at (410) 758-8634.

Applying for Housing Programs

The Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting lists will open October 2, 2023 to October 13, 2023. APPLICATIONS ARE ONLINE ONLY!!

Click Here to access the Queen Anne's County Housing Authority Application and Waitlist Check.

Your application will be reviewed for eligibility once you reach the top of the waiting list. Keep your confirmation letter for proof of application

You must keep your contact information up to date. If you change your mailing address you must update your application with the Housing Authority or risk having your name permanently removed from the wait list. Any updates must be completed in writing and mailed to the Housing Authority at the address listed above. If you have any questions, please call the Housing Authority at 410-758-8634.

Please note: When competing an application it is your right to include, as part of your application, the name, address, telephone number, and other relevant information of a family friend, friend, or social, health, advocacy, or other organization. This individual or organization may be contacted by the Housing Authority to help in resolving issues that may arise during your tenancy or to assist in providing special care or services that you may require as a tenant.

Apply for housing and verify waiting list position

Click Here to access the Queen Anne's County Housing Authority Waitlist Check.

Equal Housing Opportunity